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Reducing number of meetings or increasing productivity 

One of the most common complains about XOIT is the number of meetings. After trying to get better understanding we found out that the main problem is actually the fact that the number of meeting preventing people from having several … Continue reading

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Friedkin’s Journey Toward XOIT & High-Multiple Cultures

A guest post on Stephen Orban blog on what initiate our XOIT journey and high level what we’ve done so far. I think it’s a good summery of all of our posts here during the last two years. Culture Eats Strategy for … Continue reading

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Changing the Environment to Change a System: Games for Your Management Practice

After reading Jurgen Appelo‘s Management 3.0 #Workout (an excellent book, by the way), I started to use the suggested games with my management team to discuss, learn, and agree on the right management practices for our group. I really liked … Continue reading

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Definition of smart failure and how it encourage creativity

Creativity is about taking risks. But, people are afraid to fail and due to that they are afraid to take risks. One way to increase creativity is to define what the company acknowledges as acceptable or smart failure and what the … Continue reading

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Business concept for IT

There is always a need for simple business concept of IT. You can use it to explain vendors and customers what IT is trying to achieve, as a baseline for interacting with your associates ( setting OKR [Objectives and Key … Continue reading

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The most common reasons that prevent IT to reach full potential – 13th: Just using tools

1st reason – Do you know your process? 2nd reason – Too manual process! 3rd reason – Decentralize IT 4th reason – IT Silos 5th reason – Analysis Paralysis 6th reason – Building single purpose machine 7th reason – What … Continue reading

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