XOIT (Self-management) Role based reviews

In a recent LinkedIn article, I wrote that the secret sauce for self-management or any other next-generation organization is the necessity to adjust the daytoday processes of your new structure. 
In this post I want to share one such process that we are using for handling performance management – aka, performance reviews. We have begun providing quarterly feedback to all associates every quarter.  Where this is unique is that this feedback is coming directly from other associates. Following our structure, and the fact that each one of us has multiple roles within multiple groups across the organization, each one of us is receiving feedback from all the leads and representatives of the groups we are a part of. Additionally each lead receives feedback from at least two members of each group that he or she is leading.  


What makes our review process unique is the per role review versus the more traditional per person review.  In our model, each associate receives feedback for each role that he or she performed during the previous quarter.  This system enables us to more accurately obtain feedback based on the individual roles.  For example, I may receive good feedback for my role as the GlassFrog Specialist and poor feedback for my role as Storage Specialist.  These individual assessments are more accurate than one overall assessment for someoneBy reviewing someone by their individual role, I can obtain a better understanding of where I am struggling and either relinquish roles that I am challenged by with or work to better understand my individual roles.  At the end of the day, everyone has the choice of what will make them happier and my extension more productive at work.

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