Self-management (XOIT) – How can a “low-level” employee do a job like that??

Self-management and empowerment pushes associates to perform work that they have not had the chance to do in the past. This creates scenarios where new associates, or associates who are just beginning their careers, are performing accountabilities that in the old world were only performed by those who were more experienced. 


These scenarios are raising the question of “How can lowlevel employee do a job like that??” (usually with very concerned look). As I am sure you can imagine, this comment typically arises from those associates with more experience


From my perspective and from the XOIT philosophy, there aren’t any lowlevel employees. All the members of our group are associates that working to achieve the same purpose. While each one of us has different roles that need to be performed, there aren’t any low level associates.  In fact, there are not any levels at all. IT is one holistic organism were all parts must operate together in order to perform well. XOIT enables people to do work that they feel they are better at, or can contribute more through. Enabling them to be exposed to new activities simply paves the way for their personal and professional growth. Sure, you should’t give them accountabilities on a highrisk project, but at the same time exposing them to new accountabilities is the only way for them to grow. Otherwise these talented and intelligent associate can end up doing the same work for years while their engagement and passion declines.

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1 Response to Self-management (XOIT) – How can a “low-level” employee do a job like that??

  1. Hilary says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you on this philosophy. I’ve seen far too many who have been stuck in a role and left there until their passion dies and they leave IT to find a more ‘fulfilling’ career. It’s quite sad to see such talent lost due to poor management.

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