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If you’re passion is how to motivate and organize people for the digital revolution

If you’re passion is how to motivate and organize people (create successful organization) for the digital revolution, Photography and hiking lets collaborate to create unique event that will help each participant and humanity! Drop me a line to  

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XOIT (Self-management) – Autonomy of roles and people mistakes

While I am sure everyone on our team has experienced their own challenges working in a self-managed environment, let me take a minute and tell you about mine. The main challenge for me is when I see people making what I believe to be mistakes and then holding my tongue.    If you have not been following this blog, essentially our … Continue reading

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Friedkin’s Journey Toward XOIT & High-Multiple Cultures

A guest post on Stephen Orban blog on what initiate our XOIT journey and high level what we’ve done so far. I think it’s a good summery of all of our posts here during the last two years. Culture Eats Strategy for … Continue reading

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Self-management (XOIT) – How can a “low-level” employee do a job like that??

Self-management and empowerment pushes associates to perform work that they have not had the chance to do in the past. This creates scenarios where new associates, or associates who are just beginning their careers, are performing accountabilities that in the old world were only performed by those who were more experienced.    These scenarios are raising the question of “How … Continue reading

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