Unique working environment is looking for unique leader

Friedkin Group’s IT, an organization focused on self-management and meritocracy, is seeking a leader with experience challenging software engineers to fulfill their full potential and working with all other IT domains. If you feel comfortable leading through your technical knowledge and influence, read on.

At Friedkin’s IT group, you will find a unique working environment where associates are encouraged to work in teams and self-manage, and where leaders drive results through their knowledge and skills, not their titles. We are looking for a progressive thinker to join our team. In this role, the candidate will work together with the IT Department to expand our software engineering and development knowledge and experience, all while being a part of this exciting working environment.

This opportunity will fill both leadership and non-leadership roles and will be accountable for creating new IT assets, acting as a liaison between IT and our internal customers, and ensuring that all of our groups are engaged in continuous improvement.

Success will require the use of your knowledge, experience, and interpersonal skillsets, and will have a significant impact on our entire IT group. Therefore we are looking for an individual that can both challenge people and be challenged by people, someone who demonstrates non-conventional thinking and an ability to drive and deliver results, and finally, someone that believes in work groups and what they can achieve.

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Friedkin Companies CIO
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5 Responses to Unique working environment is looking for unique leader

  1. Hilary says:

    A very unique environment you have created. Are you having success finding those who understand the role of leader versus manager? I’ve encountered so many through the years who don’t understand that respect is earned. Nor do they comprehend that someone following their instructions due to the ‘authority’ granted their title is not the same as leading.

    • No success yet. Yes, it’s hard to find the right fit.

      • Hilary says:

        One thing that keeps comes to mind after reading this is that while the personality, attitude, and interpersonal skills needed for the role are very clear; I don’t get a good feel for what technical knowledge is needed. I can’t tell if you’re seeking a generalist such as myself or a strong developer who understands how to interact with their clients to learn and anticipate their needs.

  2. It’s not clearly defined because we care more about the personality and culture fit.

    • Hilary says:

      That’s the answer I kept coming back to, but I wanted to verify that I was correct. I like that you’re not limiting the pool of candidates based upon the technologies that you currently employ. Different technologies lead to different ways thinking about solutions, something that many organizations are not comfortable with as you well know.

      Thank you,

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