XOIT – Challenges learned in Jan

In this post I want to share the challenges we are aware of after one month of running in self-management way. The challenges are not order by any category, Just in the way they popped into my mind.

  1. Meetings, or number of meetings. That’s the main complain right now. To be honest we introduced technologies like Slack or GlassFrog that enable reduction of meeting and performing Governance functions without meetings, but people are not using them. We hope that’s a learning curve that will change in the future. While attending meeting I can still see people running those meeting in the OLD way, which required much more time and really doesn’t bring any value to anyone (except to the few of us that like to hear themselves talking)
  2. For managers it is hard to to the transition to leaders. In their mindset they are still managers with HR accountabilities. That create tensions between associate that understand self-management and adjusting their behavior and Ex-managers that understand self-management, but keeping on acting as managers.
  3. When new associates joining or moving from another business unit the transition is harder and it required very close and personal assistant and attention. It’s not a bad idea to closely assist new associate when he is starting new journey, but XOIT required more time and effort.
  4. People treat representative as a “Joke” up until the governance meeting start to touch the real challenges the group have (and any group have challanges). Due to that we sometime have the wrong personalities in the wrong role, which cause governance meeting not to follow XOIT. This issue usually resolved after the first true governance meeting.



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