Starting to practice 100% XOIT (self-management)

If you are following our blog you already read about the slow deployment and adoption of our self-management practice ( which we call XOIT). Starting 1/3/2017 we are practicing fully XOIT. I’ll do my best to share with you on a weekly basis major observations, challenges or success stories.

One of the major observation that I have so far is how hard is for people to understand that they are self managed. It’s not that they want to be managed, It’s just so ingrained in our minds that it’s so hard to ignore it and manage yourself.

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1 Response to Starting to practice 100% XOIT (self-management)

  1. Navaid Jamal says:

    Well said! Reminds me of what I learned and practiced as “career driven”: Focus on what you see as career and not just jobs and then you start to self manage to reach that career goal. Managers will always be too focused on jobs that they assign you. So, self manage and be successful!!

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