Our strategy for XOIT implementation

Practicing XOIT within the current leadership/management team has built a strong supporting team as well as a desire to have a clear roadmap for implementation. After brainstorming different alternatives for the XOIT implementation strategy with our supportive HR group we ended up with the following strategy:

  1.  Using tactical meetings in our current SCRUM meetings.
  2.  Implementing teams for one of the main groups (we chose Shared Services) and practice tactical meetings.
  3.  Implement all Community Engagement groups (responsible for most of the HR Administrative processes) and run them using tactical and governance meetings.
  4.  Implement all groups and run them using tactical meetings.
  5.  Implement governance meetings to the Shared Services group.
  6.  Implement governance meetings to all groups.
  7.  Implement all of our HR administrative processes (all the XOIT apps).

We started with the first step in June and we want to start with the last one in Jan 2017. That gives us 6 months of slow implementation. We also identified all associate training materials and communication with each and every step. If someone is interested, I’ll be more than happy to post this as well.

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