Exponential IT (XOIT) – Tactical meeting and Strategy in XOIT world

Our coaching approach for Leads and Representatives has been working very well for the tactical meetings. We now have 3 leaders that are able to run tactical meetings in 15 to 20 minutes, while covering all major IT activities , while processing and/or triaging 2-6 requests for help, or issues. We now feel that we can start full implementation of tactical meetings.

That said, we are still struggling with the governance meetings, however the main reason is simply that we haven’t had enough opportunities to practice it. While we can run a tactical meeting every day, we just currently do not have enough tensions to processes to practice governance meetings on a daily basis. Since governance meetings are one of the main requirements for full implementation of any self-management system, this lack of governance meetings is naturally becoming a concern for us. So, a takeaway is this: be aware of the time and difficulty of implementing governance meeting.

Implementing XOIT requires you to adjust processes that you used to perform by yourself. One good example is IT strategy. Every 3 years I used to spend time defining the IT strategy for the next 3 years. Now with XOIT, my vision is for the strategy to be a byproduct of all of our IT strategy teams. So to be able to support it I changed our current process; now instead of me doing all the work and presenting it to the group, I create a presentation of trends for the next 3 years in the business world, automotive industry and technology. Based on this presentation, each group in our IT strategy group works towards creating a strategy to address the presentation finding. Finally, the global IT strategy group then fuses all of the proposed strategies into one IT strategy, which is then presented to our business leaders and the entire IT group.


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