Exponential IT (XOIT) – Following Holacracy meetings processes and the benefit of GlassFrog

I have mentioned GlassFrog already, but the more we use this tool, the more we find it to be a very beneficial tool for any group regardless how they choose to operate.


GlassFrog lets you capture your Groups and your Roles, and for each Group or Role you can define what they own (Domains), what they are expected to perform (Accountabilities), their Purpose, as well as defined policies for the Group or any Domain owned by the Group/Role and strategies to guide the Groups and Roles. The tool also enables you to search for any Role, Accountability, Group or Domain. This search functionality makes it easy to find who is responsible for what.


All meeting notes can also be captured in the tool, and there is the ability to see history. If you’re structure follows a hierarchy, you can see and browse through them very easily using GlassFrog.  All in all, it is really useful tool.


Our current struggle is following the Holacracy meeting structure. To help us improve, we will begin doing our current IT Leadership weekly meetings as Governance Meetings and our daily IT Leadership meetings as Tactical meetings. The hope is that by practicing those meetings more often it will help us to become more accustomed to these types of meetings processes.


This week we are going to share with the group all of our daily and administrative processes (aka Apps) and during our team building event we will begin some education, so I will have a lot more to share next week.



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