Exponential IT (XOIT) – Starting to pilot

As I mentioned in my previous post we began to pilot XOIT with 3 different groups. This past week we kicked off two governance meetings (one for the group whose purpose is to find the right match for our IT Director position, and one for the group whose purpose is implementing Exchange on Office 365). I have to admit that if feels unnatural to follow the suggested Holacracy process for Governance meetings, however each one of those meetings took less than an hour and everyone came away feeling that the meetings were focused and productive.

Our “IT Dir” group Governance meeting only took 50 minutes and during this time we:

  1. Elected the Group Representative.
  2. Established policies for Governance and Tactical meetings as well as how we should prepare, conduct and report on interviews.
  3. One tension was raised regarding interview scheduling (and taking into account interviewer’s schedules), which was quickly resolved. The team member who raised the tension had a suggested proposal and in the process of getting group feedback, another objection was raised with a different suggestion. The objectors suggestion was accepted by the tension proposer as well as the rest of the group. This process took less than 5 minutes.

The “IT Dir” group also conducted a 15 minute Operational meeting. During this meeting we discussed our latest interviewee and assigned tasks to the group members.

Our “Office 365” group Governance meeting took just 30 minutes.  During this time we elected our Group Representative and established policies for Governance and Operational meetings.


Lastly, our AX Governance meeting is scheduled to take place next week.


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