Exponential IT (XOIT) – Running more daily scenarios with associates, communication the changes and starting to pilot.

At this point we have reached about 70% of all our roles and group definitions, as well as mapping all of the administrative and daily processes of our XOIT implementation. Last week our focus was on running administrative and daily processes with associates in order to get their feedback and build a more solid understanding of our new operating system and the applications we built on top of it. Our associates challenged us with tough questions and scenarios. Part of them can be resolved in our new setting, part of them are actually more complex as of today (nothing is perfect) and some of the challenges are the same, regardless of the operating system and applications that we are using. I have to admit that this process has proven to be the most effective method of communication thus far.

In parallel with ongoing refining and education, we have also decided to start piloting the XOIT processes and any applicable processes in two ongoing projects and one administrative process. Starting this week we will begin using XOIT with one of our more infrastructure related projects (Office 365) and next week we will begin piloting it in one of our biggest application based projects (a new FI system implementation). Starting this week we will also  begin piloting our new IT hiring process. We hope that piloting two projects and one process will help us to both refine our operating system and applications as well as increase education and buy-in.

We also started to use GlassFrog ( http://glassfrog.com/ ) to capture our structure, assign associates and begin capturing the relevant data we agreed to capture. So far the GlassFrog overall picture looks like this:


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