XOIT – Working on daily activities

After working on our new proposed structure and presenting the first draft to the team, the leadership focus last week was on writing new processes to provide guidance on performing daily activities; specifically looking at the daily activities for IT and then suggest processes that can support those needs using this new operating system. As of this writing, we have discussed the following :

  • Resolving Tensions between roles and personas, that is adjusting Holacracy to fit our specific culture and needs of our customers.
  • Running teams : Tactical and operational. Again, adjusting Holacracy to fit our unique culture and the needs of our customers.
  • Hiring
  • Separations
  • Performance evaluation
  • Performance issues and performance improvement plans
  • Recognizing extraordinary contributions
  • Promotions
  • Setting Compensation and yearly compensation to align with the market
  • Bonus and Merit discussions
  • Setting project priorities and bi-weekly sprint planning
  • Mapping current managerial and technical grades to new structure
  • Associate Road-maps (career pathing)
  • Requesting and managing consultants
  • Sharing the load of Keeping-the-lights-on/Break-fix activities
  • Approvals:
    • Paid time off such as vacation and sick time
    • Training requests
    • Expense reports
    • PO requests

During our discussions we discovered that working through these processes is a greater challenge than discussing structure. I believe that this challenge is due to the fact that for us, as a “left brain” IT group, it is much more difficult to deal with such “right brain” activities as these. The major obstacle (from my point of view at least) is that dealing with day-to-day activities reveals to the current management team the challenges and difficulties they will soon be facing. The new processes require you, as a leader, to be accountable but also to share your authority with others and trust them. This is a big change for people who have managed to reach a certain point in their lives using a particular style of management.

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