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As I explained in my previous post “XOIT – Why Self-management, Wholeness and Purpose” Purpose is the most important element that needs to be in place in order to start Self-management and Wholeness. Actually Purpose should be the basic for any group of people regardless of the structure they choose to operate by. Our first work as a team on XOIT was to define our IT group purpose. After defining the purpose of the group we also spent time on defining the domains that IT own and IT accountabilities. Domains are assets that IT own and controlled like Telephony, Infrastructure equipment, IT projects, Business applications, software packages etc. Accountabilities are list of functionalities expected to be provided such as maintaining all existing IT assets or protect all IT assets.

The combination of IT purpose, Domains and accountabilities should give anyone working in IT very clear understanding what IT is trying to achieve as a group, what assets we are using and what we are expected to do.

The next step was to break IT into main groups. While doing that we choose to use the approach of using IT functionality (derived from IT accountabilities) do define how we are going to group people together. What guide us throughout the process was finding the best way to organize ourselves and operate to achieve our purpose. The list of accountabilities that we defined for IT helped us to realize what are the main functionalities needed to achieve our purpose. If we want to reach our purpose we need to focus our groups on the main functionalities needed to reach our purpose. Collecting people in groups focus on function needed to achieve our purpose, will guarantee a focus on our purpose and therefore the ability to achieve our goals.

The principles used to define and build a group shape the focus that you are going to get from the group. Focusing on different expertise within IT (the classical approach) might bring focus and expertise on certain IT domain (Development, Networking, Storage, customer support, etc.), but it will create silos between those groups and the focus won’t be on your purpose, it will be on technical expertise.

Our effort to break IT by functionality ended with six main functional groups, their purpose, domains and Accountabilities. Our 6 main groups are:

  • Creating new IT assets
  • IT operations
  • IT Strategy
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Customer support
  • Community engagement

Our next step is to break those main groups or functions into sub groups, which I’m going to cover next time.

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