XOIT : Why Self-management, Wholeness and Purpose

I believe that the main reason is the current change in our development as humans. Every time that we advanced our progress as humans, we also changed the way that we organized. It happened when we started to gather together for hunting, when we started cultivating together, when monolithic faith emerged and when the industrial revolution took place. The latest introduced the classical hierarchical organization that almost all of today’s organizations are using to some degree.

Since we are in the process of moving to the next big change in humans development, there are already changes in the classical hierarchical way of organizing and operating people, but still the basic idea is hierarchy. I believe that with the full implementation of internet of things (IoT) we will complete another revolution. This revolution will change the way that we are organized and operate since this revolution will required more and more demand for “right brain” activities on top of “left brain” activities. This change required different way to organize and operate people, and I believe that self-management, wholeness and purpose are the right tools to implement this change.

Not just that right brain tasks required more independence and decision making, the increase pace of changing that will characterize the new business world will demand faster reaction for any type of changes. To enable people to act faster you need to make sure they understand and buy in to the purpose of your organization. On top of purpose you need to enable self-management, so decision will be fast and will be taken by people who understand the best the impact of their decisions.

To increase sense of ownership (which impact self-management) and strong belief of the organization purpose we need also to increase people involvement and commitment. The best way to do that is to bring the concept of wholeness into your organization. People need to know and feel that they can bring everything that they can offer and believe into work environment. They should also feel that what they are bringing makes a different. This wholeness creates today very strong and committed groups and there aren’t any reasons why it won’t be achievable within organizations.

Another point that related to what I mentioned so far is our ability, as an organization, to bring new generations of committed members into our organization. Remember that the average teenager grew on different social background than older generations. They grew on the Internet and for them it’s natural that things can be managed without central authority. After all, who is the single authority of the next revolution enabler (the Internet). This new generation thinks and behave differently. They see the changes that we are experiencing while we’re moving from strict hierarchical organization to more relaxed structure and they truly believe that there is different way to organize and operate organization. Yes, more self-management, purpose driven while embracing wholeness.

As a leader you need to prepare your organization for the future. You need to make sure that the way you organize and operate people will be able to survive and support future changes and you need to make sure that your organization will be attractive for new generation. Those are the two reasons why I believe self-management, Wholeness and purpose are needed in our today’s organizations.

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