Exponential IT – XOIT

I’ve been in the IT world for many years now and luckily I have had the chance to view it from many different angles. First, I saw it as a customer before I became a part of IT.  Then I saw it as a Programmer, Team Lead, Technical Leader, Architect, Enterprise Architect, Consultant working with IT executives all around the world, as a leader of IT groups (Architecture and Development) and most recently as a leader of an entire IT group.

Through my experience I came to realize that there are three different elements that bother me personally.  In fact, they are bothering me so much that it has become my passion to fix them. First, I truly believe that there is better way to organize people so they will be more engaged, empowered and will bring their whole personality to work with others that share their same passion. Second, based on my experience I believe that we can create better IT groups; exponential growing IT groups.  An exponential IT group is at least 10X better than an average IT organization. Exponential IT groups can be achieved by seeking better ways to organize people and operate IT. We are already starting to see exponential organizations over the past 10 years and nothing should prevent us from creating exponential IT groups as well. Exponential IT groups are key to my third passion, which is creating new (exponential) business models/revenues to support the future growth of the company I’m working for.

Last year we started a new journey to turn our passion and purpose into reality.  However we found pretty quickly that we have an obstacle – a major obstacle – that is preventing us from reaching our goals. You see, regretfully most of our IT functions were outsourced just one year before, therefore our first step was to in-source our IT functions back. While we used part of the planned changes to make in-sourcing successful, we had to put a side many of our other changes. The good news is that we managed to do the unbelievable: although we had to double our IT size and take back many IT functional responsibilities in the same time, we still managed to successfully in-source all of our IT functions. In-sourcing significantly helped us to improve the positive perception of IT as a whole as well as introducing significant savings to enable our journey. Our in-sourcing experience wasn’t easy, but it was very successful (if you want any details don’t hesitate to contact me at thefriedkincompaniescio@gmail.com). We believe that our success is based on the fact that we worked on in-sourcing with a hybrid IT team that took responsibility over certain IT functions, looked at it from all angles and simply made it happen (motivation to prove that we can do it was part of our success as well).

Now after we perform all IT functions (or domains) we are ready to continue our journey and create a better organization: an exponential IT and new exponential business models. I will do my best to share with you our journey and try and post on a weekly basis (you know, it takes time to write posts). I hope that will help others in their future journeys as well. I also hope to learn something from comments and thoughts submitted by readers of this blog.

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