Are big platforms still viable for the 21 century?

I believe that creating ecosystems of small separate solutions that specialized in certain business functions and communicate one with each other in one common language (although each system might speak different language) is the key to a business success in the 21 century. Running your business in one big platform is an old IT pattern that serves companies in the past when business and the world were much more predictable, but it is not sustainable solution for the future.

Every change in big platform with many dependencies within the platform required a lot of time to validate that a new change in one module won’t affect all other modules, even if the platform was built in loosely coupled way (in reality most of them are not). Time in today’s world is the different between being the first company to launch a new feature, adjust your systems to be able to sign new contract or react to economy or business needs.

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Friedkin Companies CIO
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