10 virtues of IT leader

Here’s my take:

  1. Positive thinking – focus on resolution not problems
  2. influence people to follow new ideas and practices, not order them to do it
  3. Understanding complex adaptive systems and manage them, not people
  4. Willing to take calculated risks instead of avoiding risks
    • Allow people to fail, so they can learn
    • Delegating control
  5. Be accountable for your words (promise and deliver)
    • Take ownership of challenges and tasks
  6. Ability to understand all stakeholders needs and make them all happy
  7. Promote collaboration and shared purpose
    • Manage as part of a team
    • Get the holistic picture before making a decision
  8. Execute and promote continuous improvement
  9. Come with original solution or approach
  10. Willingness to sacrifice oneself for the sake of a group


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Friedkin Companies CIO
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