The most common reasons that prevent IT to reach full potential – 13th: Just using tools

As an IT group we tend to use tools and technologies to solve problems and to communicate with our stakeholders. But, are tools and technologies the right solution for every problem? what about more human related approaches such as spending time with stakeholders to educate them, getting their feedback or to listening to their complains?

IT governance (Security, Architecture, etc.) is one of the most important aspects of successful IT, but focusing on tools (especially monitoring tools) when executing; is one of the most common pitfalls of IT governance implementations. Focusing on education instead of tools increases customer knowledge and prevents user mistakes and issues that tools tend to detect. On top of that when governance solutions are based on tools people tend to be dependent on the tool instead of being accountable.

Tools and technologies are just one part of an IT solution. Don’t forget to use the human factor; it’s an essential part of our IT success.

Just Tools

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