Use IT capabilities map to monitor your organizations health

As a CIO who is responsible for the IT services provided to the enterprise you always need  to be on top of risks and potential issues that might affect your organizations ability to provide services. It’s always better to proactively resolve issues that affect the enterprise, the only problem is that it’s very hard to be on top of all potential IT issues.

With an Enterprise Architecture upbringing I decided to use the concept of business capabilities and apply it to IT.  Our IT capabilities map is based on the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Technical Reference Model (TRM) augmented with our knowledge and experience. Our reference model includes the following service areas:

  • Application Services
  • Business Services
  • Computing Infrastructure
  • Data Services
  • Integration Services
  • Network Services
  • Security Services

Our EA team is responsible for translating the reference model into a visual map based on the following legend:

  • Red – service categories that due to their current state can affect badly the value chain (Sick)
  • Yellow – service categories that due to their current state can have a minimal affect  on the value chain (Some issues)
  • Green – service categories that won’t affect the value chain (Healthy)

The mapping work is being done every quarter and our management team translates the risky (red) service area into action plans based on prioritization of the problematic service areas.

Example of Service Area map:IT Capabilities

We found the suggested practice to be very powerful and saves us from many production issues that we used to inadvertently encourage and eventually encounter in the past.

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