Four reasons why we are implementing DevOps – 4th reason: Insourcing

Any IT change (cultural, structural or technological) should be driven by business needs. Our industry is about to go through dramatic and fundamental changes and our business needs maximum agility to adapt and keep on flourishing in this changing industry. This business change is driving us to implement private and public cloud as well as continuous delivery.

To be able to have IT agility, which is needed to deal with the cloud and continuous delivery challenges,we also started to in-source our IT capabilities. Our in-sourcing includes all the classical operational, infrastructural and support capabilities. We all have had bad experiences and scars from working as three main separated IT teams (Development, Infrastructure and Operations). To overcome this risk we decided to adopt DevOps and to on-board our new associates into an environment where IT is one team working together through the entire IT life cycle.


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Friedkin Companies CIO
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