AAA (Adult, Awesome, Adaptive) Culture

AAA, that’s the culture that we are creating at the Friedkin Companies IT group. We would like all of our associates to be:

  1. Adults: we trust you as an adult to choose the right tools and methodologies to do your work. You can select your career path (technical or managerial), you can select your project methodology, and you can select the technology. You have the freedom to do your work the way you choose, if you act as an adult and you understand and communicate the implications and applications of what you are doing on the company’s success and on other associates who have dependencies on your work.
  2. Awesome: We are sure that you want your working day to be awesome. You want awesome people to work with, awesome projects to work for and awesome customers (that will give you awesome feedback). Well, guess what, for all of that to happen you need to be Awesome too! You need to be awesome to your peers, customers, managers, people you manage, suppliers, etc. and the most important rule, you have to do awesome work. Pay attention to details, think as the customer, make sure your solution is reusing existing components and can be reused in the future, and create solutions aligned to IT strategy and principles. In a nut shell, think about everyone that is going to be affected from your work and what you can do so they can say that you are awesome.
  3. Adaptive: The world and the business environment always keep on changing. Actually the pace of those changes just keeps on growing. Businesses that want to survive in such an environment need to be adaptive and adjust to the new business climate. If we’ve done a good job as an IT group, business changes need to produce IT changes as well. Those changes can be of any shape or form (cultural, procedural, technical, etc.), and we need to adjust to them, adopt them, and not push them back. Actually in today’s business world if your business isn’t going through any type of change within a year, that should be an alarm for you.


AAA culture

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