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IT Architecture Direction – Useful tool to translate vision to reality

One of the proven tools to translate vision and strategy into reality is depiction. Translating abstract ideas into simple visuals that can be handed over and displayed in any cube and office are very helpful for understanding and adoption of … Continue reading

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FRIEDKIN 3rd HACKATHON I’m so proud!!!

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Use IT capabilities map to monitor your organizations health

As a CIO who is responsible for the IT services provided to the enterprise you always need  to be on top of risks and potential issues that might affect your organizations ability to provide services. It’s always better to proactively … Continue reading

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Friedkin companies IT group @ Houston TechFest

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Explaining cloud computing benefits and the declining role of outsourcing.

When I need to explain to non technical audience what the cloud is all about and what are the main business benefits that cloud provides, I prefer to use the following figure from Simon Wardley’s article “A Lifecycle Approach to … Continue reading

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Four reasons why we are implementing DevOps – 4th reason: Insourcing

Any IT change (cultural, structural or technological) should be driven by business needs. Our industry is about to go through dramatic and fundamental changes and our business needs maximum agility to adapt and keep on flourishing in this changing industry. … Continue reading

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Houston Techfest

Pay us a visit (Booth 17), if you’re coming to Houston Techfest : . We are looking for Sys Admins, DBAs, Desktop support and help desk professionals to join our team …

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