Four reasons why we are implementing DevOps – 1st reason: new business paradigm

Our first and foremost drive is our business. We believe that new business paradigm is starting to emerge and as any new paradigm it’s going to change fundamentally the very approach to business across all industries. New business paradigms are inevitable and if you want to understand this phenomenon you should read “The structure of scientific revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn.

We (at Friedkin Companies IT) also believe that the new business paradigm is all about focusing on data and data channels to and from the end customer.

Why DevOps - new business paradigm

This new business paradigm is supported by several disruptive technologies, which enable it. These disruptive technologies (and the business paradigm) require much more frequent business changes pushed to production facilitating end customers on a daily basis.

Why DevOps - new business paradigm - Distruptive tech

As the development and production cycles become more and more shorter the boundaries between classical IT domains become more and more glued due to two main reasons:

1) We need a platform which enables faster changes and consumption of IT resources as variable commodities. Such a platform is based on “software defined” services instead of classical physical services (such as Serves, storage, and network equipment). These platforms are actually gluing the classical clear boundaries between IT domains.

2) Fast pace of daily changes disable the classical “Operation” IT group to learn new business solutions and support them. To be able to support this pattern the classical developer needs to understand infrastructure and operations domains including their challenges. It’s the developers’ role, in this environment, to support their business solution and they must have other domain knowledge to do it without impacting the business results.

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