Innovation as strategy

It’s easier to speak about innovation as a strategy than implement it. The following slide is from an IT strategy presentation we did for all associates. While doing this presentation I actually used Google glass to translate this slide into English, and then I mentioned all the potential business benefits that wearable technologies can help us to achieve.Friedkin companies IT Innovation

We are not just talking about innovation; we are practicing it on a daily basis using four approaches:

1) FedX (Friedkin Companies Extreme Development) – which enables all IT professionals to practice innovation every sprint (

2) Hackathons, which enable all IT associates and customers to practice together innovation every 6 months.

3) Investing funds buying new technologies and distributing them among IT professionals.

4) Promote “an adult culture” : we trust you as an adult to choose the right tools and methodologies to do your work. You can select your career path (technical or managerial), you can select your project methodology, and you can select the technology. You have the freedom to do your work the way you choose, if you act as an adult and you understand and communicate the implications and applications of what you are doing on the companies success and other associates who have dependencies on your work.

Innovation flourishes in the right ecosystem and we are doing whatever we can to create the right ecosystem for our IT team.

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