Communicating IT with CEO / Business Leader

Communication on a regular basis with your CEO/Business leaders is essential to your success as CIO, but it’s much more important what you communicate in those meetings.

I’m meeting with all of our companies’ CEO/Business leaders (and there are quite a few of them) on a monthly basis. I have two goals for those meetings : 1) To keep myself updated with the business challenges and any changes to goals and objectives. 2) Market and sell IT successes and achievements in the past month.

Since I respect other peoples time, I just ask for 30 min every month. Therefore it’s very important for me to communicate efficiently and in a fashion my main customers will understand what I’m saying (or selling). To achieve effective communication I’m focusing on three main topics, whenever I’m selling IT:

  • Avoiding costs : explain what we’ve done last month to reduce IT costs.
  • Improving Service : explain what we’ve done last month to improve IT services.
  • Increasing revenue : explain what we’ve done last month to increase business revenues.

I pay specific attention and use business language without any IT jargon or acronyms.

The following is a modified example of June communication with business leaders:

  • Avoiding costs
    • Decommission old application and technologies – 18% from ~500
    • Removing another 100 associates from SaaS solution (5K a month)
    • Decommission unused Circuit (2K a month)
  • Improving service
    • 2015 Budget planning – BU involvement
    • 3 dedicated associates to support IT customers
    • Ensure DR – mitigating major risks
    • Mitigate infrastructure single point of failure
      • Access to application’s data
      • Access to Location A
      • Access to Location B
  • Increasing revenue
    • Deploy mobile apps, which enable point of sale to provide more options in less time.

Friedkin companies IT - CEO Comunication

Friedkin IT - CEO Comunication - Avoiding costs

Friedkin IT - CEO Comunication - Improving Services

Friedkin IT - CEO Comunication - Increasing revenue

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