Technical career path for IT

Everyone in IT had the experience of working with a manager that neither you or your team members can understand how on earth he became a manager. To tell you the truth, the same experience can be shared by IT management as well. It’s common in every IT shop.

The most common reason for those managers is single career path that leave managers no choice but moving very talent technical folks to managerial path to be able to increase their compensation and retain them.

To prevent this syndrome from happening at the Friedkin companies we spent a lot of time to create technical path. Our technical path is using the architect term to define equivalent technical career path to the managerial path (Solution architect, Architect, Sr. Architect, Enterprise Architect, Chief Architect). Each and every title in the technical path has the same payment band of the equivalent managerial path. The highest title of the technical path is equivalent to a director level in the managerial path. Obviously the technical path titles have equivalent compensation bands to the managerial path.

To provide our associate with a clear career path we also created road map for each associate. The road map defined what are the tasks and tangible goals required from an associate to promote him in his chosen career path. Road-map’s achievements should be evaluate every 6 months with the associate to ensure his eligibility for promotion. Associates have the option to change their career paths every 12 months.

Each position at Friedkin IT has a job description available on the corporate portal.





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