Agile IT structure

Often I’m being asked by candidates about our IT structure and how our IT teams are communicating one with each other. That’s my favorite question mainly because of the candidate facial expression to my answer, which helps me to find out if they are a good fit to our environment.

We don’t have classical IT structure, not at all. Actually we have two differ structures. HR structure and sprint structure.

Our HR structure doesn’t have operation, development, network or server/storage teams. Not even DevOps team. We have two departments, each department composed of several teams and each team is a collection of it professionals with development, operation, network and server/storage expertise. What we actually have is one big IT team with common goals and objectives that is working together.

To make it little more tricky but practically, each sprint (two weeks) we compose teams that match what we are trying to achieve in those two weeks. It might be the exact HR structure and it might be completely different set of teams. One thing for sure, it’s a structure that we feel is the most efficient to deal with the sprint goals.

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